TRALERT® LED Lightbar The Geminus 3 24.300lm / 76,5cm / 9-36v / IP69K
TRALERT® LED Lightbar The Geminus 3 24.300lm / 76,5cm / 9-36v / IP69K
TRALERT® LED Lightbar The Geminus 3 24.300lm / 76,5cm / 9-36v / IP69K
TRALERT® LED Lightbar The Geminus 3 24.300lm / 76,5cm / 9-36v / IP69K

LED Lightbar The Geminus 3 24.300lm / 76,5cm / 9-36v / IP69K

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The Geminus LED bar series is a beautiful LED bar series, an absolute addition to your truck, pick-up or for example offroad/4x4 vehicle. The powerful LED's in combination with the RFT-lens technique gives a very good light spread and clear light image. This Geminus 3 is the smallest of the series, despite being the smallest version (765mm) this LED bar still gives a light intensity of 24.300 lumens emitted in a combi beam. The bar is made of high quality components such as the LP-LEDs, high quality powder coating, lexan polycarbonate lens and sealed electronics. The housing is shockproof, waterproof and high-pressure sprayable. The lens is fitted without the use of visible screws. The lens is mounted without the use of visible screws. Apart from the fact that this gives a nice sleek look, it also has the advantage that flaking of the powder coating belongs to the past. By default, this lightbar comes with a 40cm cable with Deutsch connector, we recommend ordering the extension cable to achieve a reliable plug and play solution. With the standard version, all mounting accessories are included, including mounting brackets for the side (stainless steel) and for the bottom (ALU). The lower mounting brackets can be moved steplessly along the length of the LED bar in order to be easily mounted. Placement of the Geminus series is also easy because the housing is only 52.5mm deep, this shallow size is possible because the lamp is equipped with a very efficient heat dissipation system (ETM, Electronic Thermal Management). All in all a perfect LED bar with very nice features, the best plus points for this item we have listed below for you:

Plus points:

+ ECE-R112 & ECE-R10 certified

+ Only 52,5mm deep

+ IP68 & IP69K waterproof

+ Combi-driver

+ Comes with 2 mounting options (side and bottom mounting)

As described, this LED bar is 76.5cm long and delivers 24,300 lumens, the Geminus series consists of versions with the following lengths/luminosities:

- 360mm / 10,800 lumens

- 522mm / 16,200 lumens

- 1006mm / 32,400 lumens

The Geminus 3 is equipped with a dual-power spec. This spec has been added to comply with ECE-R112 certification. When the lamp is connected at 100%, the light intensity is too high to stay within the limits of the R112 certification. However, when the light is switched on in reduced power mode, it does comply with the standards. Officially you are not allowed to use full power on public roads, only off-road. The reduced power is approved for use on public roads.

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